This is a list of stand-alone SFTP servers. If you want to write an application that acts as a SFTP server, see the list of SFTP server components instead.

Minimalist SFTP servers

Good for quick & dirty testing. (Almost) no configuration. Easy to setup and run.

Rebex Tiny SFTP ServerFree SFTP server from the authors of this site.
Core Free Mini SFTP serverNote: search for 'free mini sftp server' download link.

Full-featured SFTP servers

Software for heavy-duty file transfer.

Rebex Buru SFTP ServerSFTP, SCP, SSH server for Windows from authors of this site. Free for non-commercial use.
Axway SecureTransport
Bitvise SSH ServerSFTP/SSH server for Windows.
Cerberus SFTP
CompleteFTPFTPS/SFTP/SCP/SSH server from EnterpiseDT
CopsshSSH and SFTP server for Windows based on OpenSSH and Cygwin with custom installer and admin UI
Core FTP server
Cornerstone MFTSecure MFT Server with clustering, PGP encryption and Active Directory
CouchdropThe simple cloud SFTP/FTP/Rsync server and API that works with cloud storage like Dropbox.
CrushFTPFile transfer server with support for SFTP, SCP, FTPS and HTTPS.
FileZilla Pro Enterprise ServerCommercial version of open source FTP server added a SFTP protocol support. Windows only.
FTPShell ServerSSH and SFTP server for Windows
GlobalScape EFT Server
GoAnywhere MFT / FortraMFT server with SFTP support.
Jadaptive Secure File Exchange ServerAn open-source SFTP server that simplifies access to on-premise and cloud storage
JScape MFT ServerMFT server with SFTP support written in Java.
nSoftware SFTP serverSFTP server for Windows. Free for non-commercial use.
OpenSSHThe most widely used SFTP/SSH server on the planet. Perfect for Linux or *BSD, not so great on Windows. Open source.
Powershell ServerSFTP, SSH, PowerShell
Provide serverA file server solution with SFTP support in some editions.
Serv-U MFT ServerAlso know as Solarwinds Serv-U MFT server.
SFTPGoOpensource SFTP server with several storage plugins for Linux, macOS and Windows written in Go.
SFTPPlusMFT server with support for SFTP, SCP, FTPS and HTTPS on Windows, Linux & UNIX
SilverShieldSSH and SFTP server for Windows
SyncplifySSH2, SFTP and FTPS server
Tectia SSH ServerEnterprise SFTP/SSH server from the creators of the SSH protocol.
Titan FTP ServerSFTP, FTP/SSL and FTP server for Windows
VanDyke VShell ServerSSH2/SFTP/FTPS file transfer server for Windows, Linux & Mac with fine-grain access control and configuration.
Wing FTP Server
WS_FTP Server Corporate
XlightWindows FTP and SFTP Server