Writing an application that needs to connect to SFTP servers? Use one of the following libraries.

Disclaimer: This site was created by developers of one of components listed below. This is why you will not find here review or detailed comparison charts of .NET components. Read The pitfalls of comparison charts blogpost by Lukas for more reasons why we don't find comparison charts helpful. In short - you have to check if the specific component is good for your specific development habits and your specific usage scenario.

.NET components

For developers working in C# or VB.NET...

Name Note
Rebex SFTP SFTP component from creators of this site. Under continuous improvement since 2006. 17 years and counting. Runs on .NET on Windows, Linux and OS X; .NET CF; Xamarin.iOS, Xamarin.Android. Pure C# code.
Secure Blackbox Used to be called Eldos Secure Blackbox. Now is owned by the /n software.
n/Software SFTP Component
Chilkat SFTP
SharpSSH Opensource project hosted on SourceForge. According to one StackOverflow post, it's a direct port of Java (JSch and JCE) libraries. See other StackOverflow post about SharpSSH.
Bitvise FlowSsh library
WinSCP library Wrapper around scripting interface of popular SFTP/SCP Windows client.
Kellerman SFTP Library
Granados SSH Abandoned opensource project hosted on SourceForge. Last update in 2004.
SSH.NET Opensource project originally known as sshnet.codeplex.com. Now on GitHub.
Xceed SFTP

Java components

Name Note
JCraft JSch Implementation of SSH and SFTP in pure Java. Open source.
SSHJ Implementation of SSH and SFTP in pure Java. Based on BouncyCastle crypto library. Open source.
Apache MINA Network application framework with SFTP/SSH support.
Maverick Legacy Client Commercial Java SSH implementation derived from the J2SSH open source project.
Maverick Synergy Java SSH API Third generation Java SSH API, using NIO and open sourced under the LGPL.
SecureBlackBox Used to be called Eldos Secure Blackbox. Now is owned by the /n software.
Ganymed SSH-2 Open source but no longer maintained.
n/Software SFTP Component